Saturday, 11 June 2011

Top 10 Sexy Cokctails

These Cokctails (missplet with an intent) are good real good...

1. Orgasm
There are a couple of variations of the Orgasm (Screaming - with Galliano, and Multiple - with Strawberry Liqueur), all of which give you a cheeky thrill when ordering at a bar. A definite favourite.
What's in it? One part each Cointreau and Baileys. Shake and pour over ice in a short glass (you can also omit the ice and layer in a shot glass).

2. C**k Sucking Cowboy
Leaning towards downright dirty, the C**k Sucking Cowboy is among the more lewdly-named cocktails. Modesty often has this warm little shot abbreviated to just 'Cowboy'. A good party starter.
What's in it? Two parts butterscotch Schnapps, one part Baileys. Layer in a shot glass.

3. Menage a Trois
This homage to all things French is an alluring invention. Best ordered in a seriously swanky bar while decked out in your sexy best, the Menage a Trois is oh so tres magnifique!
What's in it? Half part each Monin Triple Lime liqueur, Cointreau, Champagne. Chill and strain liqueurs into a flute glass, top with Champagne.

4. Sex on the Beach
Here's a cheeky and fruity little baby that's probably a whole lot more satisfying than the actual act of its name. Minus the grit, it's a good one to order while on holiday … on a tropical island … in beach-side bar.
What's in it? Two parts each Midori and pineapple juice, one part each Vodka and Strawberry Liqueur, dash of grenadine, ice. Blend and serve in a standard cocktail glass.

5. Long (Sloe) Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall
Sloe or Slow depending if you're using the sloe berry-infused gin or just regular gin, this classic's name is a very fitting one. Close your eyes after one, maybe two, of these and you may actually need that wall.
What's in it? One part each Southern Comfort and Vodka, half part each Galliano and (Sloe) Gin, four parts orange juice, ice. Build in a tall glass.

6. Slippery Nipple
This sweet little nip is among the most luscious of lip ticklers you'll find on a cocktail menu. Swap white Sambuca for black and you've got the equally titillating Black Nipple.
What's in it? One part each white Sambuca and Baileys. Layer in a shot glass.

7. Wet Spot
This concoction won the Sydney Cocktail Championships in 1993 and was created by Tracy Phelan of the Rooty Hill RSL. Rooty Hill … funny, eh! But seriously, what you've got here is a rich and sweet little reward.
What's in it? One part each Midori, Apple Juice, cream and passionfruit pulp, half part Frangelio, ice. Shake and strain all but pulp. Serve in a standard cocktail glass with pulp floated on top.

8. Between the Sheets
A stiff Brandy fires up most people's disposition - mix it with a couple of pals close by on the top shelf and you've got something that will really get your amorous side going.
What's in it? One part each Brandy, Bacardi and Cointreau, half part lemon. Shake and serve in a standard cocktail glass.

9. Blue Negligee
If you don't actually own a blue negligee before having this cocktail, you may be inspired to go out and by one. It'll then become your standard uniform for any revisits to this delicious little number.
What's in it? One part each Green Chartreuse, Parfait Amour, Ouzo, ice. Stir and stain into a standard cocktail glass.

10. Bosom Caresser
Could this cocktail be a girl's best friend? Sweet and warm this drink lights a fire in all the right places and is more intimate than a night in with Johnny Depp, or maybe George Clooney … well, maybe not.
What's in it? One part Brandy, half part orange Curacao, an egg yolk, dash of grenadine, ice. Shake and strain into a standard cocktail glass.

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