Friday, 12 February 2010

If it only it were true

I wokeup to the dream thinking to my self, "if it only it were true". Dreaming is for the few they say, many dream (barring the occasional nightmares) , and for some it is all about making their dream come true. Never do we ponder whether that dream was ever meant to be true. Just a thought, not an attempt to demotivate those from pursuing them... to their obvious doom.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing unless one pursues the dream. And nothing excited me more than pursuing this one.

Off my bed, its a fresh start to a day where one expects it to be better than the previous one and ironically dependent on how the the previous day went. A smile trying to push past the past , I pushed on to the next hour that involved my usual rigmarole of taking the slow lift down my rundown apartment. I was embroiled in thoughts that ran from a pending grocery list to what the odds might be for the mare called Lazy Luck at the 3:30 race. I was confused and troubled, the dream bothered me no end, she (not Lazy Luck) was honking profusely as I fumbled my way into her car. She and her new car were in my dream too. All too real. Besides the painful honking at the passing herd of cows, well it was a dream not a freaking nightmare. I knew her from my days as a young-I-Love-You, but had lost her along the way. Why ?, I have no clue.Does not matter, and not the mainline of the story, after 11 years of living different lives we were together, a brand new start. Or so I thought.

No more story, she fucked me :p,

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